Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

225/365: Busy busy day

Today I pulled the cardinal sin of a photographer. I had a beautiful sunset photo framed in my viewfinder, and when I pressed the shutter button nothing happened.

That’s right I left all of my film (Memory cards) at home. This is the first time this had ever happened to me.

I had heard stories of it happening to other people, but never had I done it, but now I can put it in the list of the mistakes I’ve made.

So this evening I had to scramble to find something to take a photo of. I asked Kendra what she thought I should do and she presented me with this gem.

This is the list of stuff Kendra has had to solve and fix today. Campus is about to be bombarded with students starting on Sunday with the big group showing up on Tuesday.

I’m excited for people to be on campus, but I can tell you it’s a lot of work for everyone involved.

This list is just half the stuff Kendra has done today, and I’m sure she’ll do twice as much tomorrow.




Have a great day,






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